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Oct 22

“Kinetic Emotion”


    I’ve always been an avid proponent for capitalizing on the combined efficacy of the internet and various social media platforms to bring the “sounds of the future” to the listeners of today. This method for bringing the your work to the global audio/visual community seems to be the most logical approach for those …

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Sep 28

“A Contemporary Breath of Old Soul”


    I had never seen DJ Shadow or Cut Chemist perform live before, so when I heard that they were going to be co-headlining an all-vinyl tour, dedicated to the works of hip-hop legend, Afrika Bambaataa, I jumped at the chance to witness history in the making. First of all, it’s a tribute to …

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Apr 23

“They Will Help You Find The Solace In The Light”


  In this day and age it’s really easy to lose focus that we are all human beings, united by some common thread of animating energy. The definite term for what connects us in not important. The fact that we simply are, is. Personal responsibility to another extends as far you would like it to. …

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Mar 12

“Have You Ever Seen A Shark With Frickin’ Laser Beams?


In this age of ever-increasing technology, coupled with event-goers’ need for a “wow factor,” production value can be what separates a “show” from an “experience.” Before assumptions begin and this piece might approach being one-sided, please afford me the opportunity to declare that my affinity for lasers and mind-bending visuals does not stifle my belief …

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Mar 07

“The Chemistry Of Break Science”


    What do you call it when an artist is motivated to create a new sound? Some might call it “inspired.” Some purists might call it “heresy” by the way it breaks from tradition. I’ve always been told that rules are meant to be broken and a new tradition can begin at any time. …

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