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Sep 28

“A Contemporary Breath of Old Soul”


    I had never seen DJ Shadow or Cut Chemist perform live before, so when I heard that they were going to be co-headlining an all-vinyl tour, dedicated to the works of hip-hop legend, Afrika Bambaataa, I jumped at the chance to witness history in the making. First of all, it’s a tribute to …

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Feb 07

“Changing The Game Up With BUKU Flair”


  Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. The motivation behind it is what distinguishes it. The desire to take something and make it better is nothing new, especially in regards to the musical ecosystem that is New Orleans. The foundational medley of homegrown jazz, funk, and rock-and-roll has been maturing over the years, unconsciously …

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Jan 08

“It’s Never A Basic Night When It’s A BASSIK Night”


History. Tradition. Evolution. These three words have special meaning to a city like New Orleans. The idea of taking something found elsewhere and making it your own is not a unique concept. It’s called assimilation. However, the method with which you utilize the newly incorporated element is deeply influenced by your character. This could not …

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Oct 15

“Score One For The Home Team”


  I was at show not too long ago and one of the opening acts just blew me away. At first I wasn’t even sure how to pronounce his name. DXXXY, pronounced “Diety,” is the stage-name of New Orleans local Robert Epps. He had an eclectic and funky style and a stage presence that showed …

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