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Jun 16

Choo-Choo To The Toolroom


    When an artist sits down in front of their gear and decides to make a track, initially they are doing it simply because they want to create something new and exciting. They find that baseline that will be the anchor for their new endeavor and press forward. Very rarely, in my mind, are …

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Jun 06

“A Side Of Energetic Grace With My Womp Womp Please”


  The future is now. We have entered an age where artists are steadily pushing the creative envelope. By strategically combining elements, that are aesthetically pleasing in their own right, new performance fusion concepts have been born. I would like to address a specific combination that happens when an individual expertly combines: the elegance of …

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May 23

Independence Fest Breaks Ground This 4th of July Weekend


Independence Fest Camping Getaway, July 4-6, Kentwood, LA http://www.independence-fest.com ($20/day or $30/Friday and Saturday), 18+, EDM, Campsite opens 3pm July 3rd. Gates open at 11am on Friday and Saturday.   Nestled snugly in the relatively undisturbed wilderness of Louisiana is an expansive tract of lush farmland. While Louisiana is not known for its topography, it …

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Apr 30

“Let The Music Free Your Mind”


  Society has elevated contemporary musicians, defining them as a necessary and elite class of performers. When a person thinks of international superstar DJs, their mind may wander to: private jets, soccer stadiums filled with excited fans, clubs in Vegas, the glitz, and the glamour. They don’t think of the artist as a regular person …

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Apr 29

“From The Toolroom To Ballrooms and Main Stages”


    Not every astronaut that has ever been to space has been to the moon, but they all have something in common. They all dreamed of seeing and experiencing something new, something into the beyond. If you allow me the freedom, I believe we can reach a parallel. In my mind, and I don’t …

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