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Nov 19

The Tightrope of A Circus Recordmaster

Flux_Pavillion_JBrasted 0520

    A pioneer of dubstep. A true BASS-music virtuoso. His family and close friends might call Mr. Steele by his given name, Joshua, but the massive crowds that his music draws know him affectionately as “Flux Pavillion.” I was fortunate enough to get the chance to sit down with Josh to discuss his personal …

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Jul 04

“An Electric Mystic With Eyes On The Future”


    When I heard this guy’s story that fused mystic roots with an electric baseline I immediately had a picture in my mind. I envisioned him being born under a full moon on a cool desert night. Constellations lined up to foreshadow what would happen to this musical realm when his power was unleashed. …

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Apr 07

“Nothing But Beats And Smiles On Deck”


    The Groove Cruise, brought to you by the inspirational crew at Whet Travel, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, and they’re celebrating it in style. The ever-increasing success of The GC Miami expeditions, of year’s past, were safely translated into this new venture and location. Last year’s inaugural voyage out of Los Angeles was …

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