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Nov 19

Time To Wake Up And Rave


    Unless you live in the rarified air at the top of the “layer cake,” most of the world has to go to work. Regardless if it’s to support: family, vices, travel, or just the basic needs to sustain life, the fact that most goods and services have a cost, is inescapable. Anyone with …

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Aug 11

“Bringing Smiles To Your Next Festival”

the festival guy profile picture

    Some people might be hard pressed to describe the effect their first festival had on them, while others might be able to articulate, at great length, the profundity of what they experienced. You’ve probably even seen a meme or two about wishing your life was a festival. If the festival atmosphere has an …

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Feb 07

“Music Can Make The World A Better Place”

Tiësto RED

Even if you can’t choose your parents, where you were born, or the socio-political structure of where you were born, life is still all about the choices you do get to make. If I don’t like cold weather, finances permitting, I can elect to move to the beach. If I get hurt at my new …

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Oct 15

“Score One For The Home Team”


  I was at show not too long ago and one of the opening acts just blew me away. At first I wasn’t even sure how to pronounce his name. DXXXY, pronounced “Diety,” is the stage-name of New Orleans local Robert Epps. He had an eclectic and funky style and a stage presence that showed …

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