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Mar 12

“Have You Ever Seen A Shark With Frickin’ Laser Beams?


In this age of ever-increasing technology, coupled with event-goers’ need for a “wow factor,” production value can be what separates a “show” from an “experience.” Before assumptions begin and this piece might approach being one-sided, please afford me the opportunity to declare that my affinity for lasers and mind-bending visuals does not stifle my belief …

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Mar 12

“Fine-Tuning The Frequency Of The Transmission Series”

Transmission - The Spiritual Gateway (5)

  “Music brought you here together. Music is the spirit that connects us all. Music is: The Spiritual Gateway!“ These profound words are the guiding principle behind the brainchild of United Music’s “Transmission – The Spiritual Gateway” that came to Bratislava on 3/15/14 and was the first international edition of the Transmission concept. This concept, …

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Jan 14

“Even The Glitter Is Bigger In Texas”

IMG_6649 (1)

  I’m not even sure where to begin. Any time I try to reflect on a weekend that is responsible for countless smiles, my memory produces one of those high-speed flickery productions, reminiscent of an early Chaplin film. The key difference is that the movie in my mind’s eye is in full technicolor, replete with …

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Dec 03

“He’s Why You Should Be Cautious Around Speakers”


  The only way that you could remotely say that this gentleman’s career had “humble” beginnings is if you were contrasting his role years ago in the underground rave scene with what he is presently accomplishing. He’s part man, part machine, and all energy. He has been instrumental in bringing a new level of technological …

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Nov 23

“A Piece of My Electronic Soul Remains at Tinker Field”


  It’s no secret that I love going to festivals. I love the music. I love the atmosphere. I love making strangers my new best friends and being united by the beat. There’s something about the environment that transcends all perceivable human emotion. The setting for the electronic symphony of sociology at hand, was EDC …

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