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Jun 02

“You Don’t Have To Believe The Hype When You Can Feel It”


    Where do I begin? I go to every event I attend with an open mind and ready to enjoy: the music, the people, and the environment. Every once in a while, a party comes along that just makes it impossible to have a bad time. When Protohype and Dotcom, with amazing local support …

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Apr 07

“How BUKU Are You?”


  Before we jump head first into this, let me paint you a picture. New Orleans is a city unlike any other. It’s got its own flavor and its own style and it knows how to rock it. Now that we’ve honed in on the city, let’s explore the location for this unique adventure because …

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Jan 08

“It’s Never A Basic Night When It’s A BASSIK Night”


History. Tradition. Evolution. These three words have special meaning to a city like New Orleans. The idea of taking something found elsewhere and making it your own is not a unique concept. It’s called assimilation. However, the method with which you utilize the newly incorporated element is deeply influenced by your character. This could not …

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