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Jun 09

“King Cake & Cocktails With Borgore”


  Take the Norman Rockwell depiction of a kid waiting for Christmas morning and times it by a million. That was me as soon as I found out Winter Circle Productions and EDMutual were bringing the BASS-legend, Borgore, to Republic New Orleans. I think that any day you mark on your calendar that lets you …

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Apr 27

“From The Eastern Bloc To Block Parties”


    The Ukraine is known for many wonderful things. Its beaches, its architecture, its history, its people, and its music all play an important role in shaping the national landscape. Music and folklore have been an integral part of Ukrainian culture. With the influx of technology and the assimilation of the “Modern Age,” musical …

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Nov 29

“Their Combined Force Is Greater Than Just The Cool Name”


  Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom, together, are Nadastrom. They grew up worlds apart, even though they were only separated by around 30 miles, but eventually they were united by their mutual passion for music. In addition to being credited with exposing the world to the phenomenon known as “Moombahton,” they are known for showcasing …

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Nov 28

“There’s No Ducking For Cover In A Panty War”


  They merge countless genres to find their perfect sound, and as long as you’re dancing they feel like they’re doing their job. You don’t know quite what to call it but you know you like it. Ooah and MartyParty, of PANTyRAiD, discuss: their style, their creative flow, and what they’d do in a life …

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