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Oct 22

“Kinetic Emotion”


    I’ve always been an avid proponent for capitalizing on the combined efficacy of the internet and various social media platforms to bring the “sounds of the future” to the listeners of today. This method for bringing the your work to the global audio/visual community seems to be the most logical approach for those …

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Jul 11

“Rephlektions Into The Future”

Magnetic JK

    The old adage is “if you do what that you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” However, if you want to succeed at life, on par with this needlepoint maxim, you must accept that realizing your potential and your dreams doesn’t happen overnight. Traditionally, you have to define your dream …

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Apr 07

“It’s Time To Get LIVE Again!!!”


  There’s been, with no doubt, a surge of talent in the electronic community in the past few years. New artists, new approaches, more production, and progressively bigger festivals are all happening. Is there any aspect that’s been overlooked? Is there any attitude that is lacking? Is there something more that can be brought to …

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Feb 07

“Cruising Into The Future Aboard The ‘E.D. SEA’”


  It’s happening. I did everything I was told to do. I shared every photo. I clicked on every link. I liked every status. I tagged my friends. I followed. I retweeted. I re-grammed like a pro. I checked my newsfeed with a passion. I refreshed my email every ten minutes. Then, I finally saw …

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