Jul 04

“Prime By Name And Fibonacci By Style”


There’s something inside every aspiring artist that pushes them to keep going, to seek new opportunities, and work for that big break they’ve been searching for since jump street. The path to success isn’t regulated. There are twists and turns at every corner and opportunities aren’t always recognizable at face value. Asking a friend to listen to one of your tracks might spark the brainstorm session that sets the path to progress on fire. Showtek has been grooming their newest prodigy, Justin Prime, and he is ready to take the world by storm. What started as a simple listen/collaboration combo has grown into something entirely next-level.

Where in The Netherlands did you grow up?

I grew up in a small town called Huizen next to Amsterdam.

What led to your decision to acquire an audio engineer degree? Where did you study? Did you have a mentor? What was your experience like?

I wanted to know more about the technical side behind music production like how to use the compressor, equalizer, limiters, etc.
They also taught me how to train my ears at school for effects like the use of delay, chorus or reverb. These are just the basic stuff, but very important things to master.

Were you playing in clubs and producing while you were still in school? Where did you get your first gig?

I got my first gig at the age of 15 on a school party. There were only like 80 people, but I was sh*tting my pants haha! I can still remember that night. I have been studying and dj’ing in the clubs since the age of 15. At the age of 17 I started to produce my own music. At that time I was already playing piano, which I started to do at the age of 5.

Which element is more personally fulfilling for you, producing or Djing?

That is such a hard question. As much as I love dj’ing and being on stage, I would probably go mentally insane if I would stop producing music. So I will have to go for music production here. I think it’s fair to say that I’m actually more a musician than a dj, but I love both! Still though, I mean I had a gig where I was playing for 40.000 people somewhere last month.. Now that gives a big rush too!

What is your favorite type of music to make?

EDM/Pop music. It’s as easy as that ;-)

How did you and Showtek link up? Was there any specific inspiration for the track “Cannonball?”

I already knew Showtek for like 6 years back then, because we both came from the hardstyle scene and I was releasing tracks on their record label for years already.
Then in the summer of 2012 I made Cannonball which back then was still called “drop it”, and I sent it over to my buddy Wouter from Showtek to ask if they could test it in the club and tell me what they think. The next day they called me if I was willing to release the track together.

I said “Sure let’s do it!” so a few days later we met in the studio, re-arranging and adding some stuff like fill sounds and the cannonball kick which Showtek came up with (which was a really good idea!!), mixing the track better, etc.. and so Cannonball was born.


Do you have any plans to establish your own label?

Yes, but not at the moment. I mean, it can be really annoying sometimes since most record labels have a long waiting list and can easily put your release on the shelf for 3 to 6 months or so.. So to have your own label isn’t actually such a bad idea, but it takes a lot of time and not to forget also a lot of money if you want to do it right. Nahh I’ll just stick with releasing on other labels for now. But it certainly is something I’m considering for the future.

Are there any collaborations in the mix that you can talk about now?

I can only say I have a collab finished with D-Wayne at the moment.

Did you have a specific mission in mind for this exclusive guest mix?

Yes, I like to dj the way that I produce my music.
I’ll explain to you what I mean: You probably all know me from making harder stuff like Cannonball or Thunderbolt, but I actually also have a more musical side which I want to show you. I have a new track finished which is a little bit softer and more poppie-edm than you’re used from me, but that’s my other side as a producer. And that’s also the thing I want to reflect in my mixing, that I have a very big taste and wide selection when it comes to music and that I can do both.

If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be?

America, and I’m actually going to in July this year! :-)

Does any moment from an event or festival just stand out for you? What made that moment so significant to you?

Just to name one that recently happened: I was looking my eyes out at Kingsday when I was playing for a crowd containing 40.000 people. That was so sick!

Where would you like to see your career this time next year? In five years?

Next year: Playing all the big festivals in the world!
Five years: Being satisfied by reaching that point where I want to be with my musical development as a producer and musician. If this means that by then I’m on top of the world, then that’s great. But for me, I just want to become an even better producer and musician, that’s all.




This guy is motivated and dialed in to make some serious moves in the near future. I find it really cool that his grandest dream is to simply be the best, artistically, that he can be. He’s not worried about jets, diamonds, and Bugattis. It’s all about the music and the respective crafts of producing and performing. Some might argue that he hasn’t been blinded by the lights yet and things can change, but the genuineness of his demeanor leads me to believe that he just wants to wow the world with great music. Only time will tell.


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