Oct 22

“Kinetic Emotion”




I’ve always been an avid proponent for capitalizing on the combined efficacy of the internet and various social media platforms to bring the “sounds of the future” to the listeners of today. This method for bringing the your work to the global audio/visual community seems to be the most logical approach for those that are not immediately, or at least momentarily, thrust directly into the ever-changing focus of the “all-seeing EDM eye.” Residents of Kuala Lumpur and Paris are sharing files right now. Hidden gems and previously-untapped markets are constantly being fervently researched in an attempt to potentially incorporate the next relevant step in the evolution of the soundtrack for the globe’s heartbeat. It is my pleasure to bring to you, an individual, that has not only embraced the power of “interconnectivity” to illustrate his role in the musical landscape, but has realized that his next project would benefit from the world’s input. From Russia with love, I humbly introduce the “Dancekraft” project and one of the masters at the helm, Artego.


Where did you grow up and what’s the music scene like there?

My real name is Artem Egorov. I was born, in 1985, in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Actually, it’s a rock-city. We even call it the “rock-capital” of Russia, because there were many rock-bands and singers who were born here and became famous later. Nowadays, there are many clubs and pubs here with dance music. Two to three are techno/house/deep and others are commercial with pop music :) But there was a time, in 2002-2006, when we had a lot of electronic underground music in clubs and kind of underground edm community :)


Do you play any instruments?

Yes, I do. I play piano. I also play bass guitar and drums a little bit. In my childhood, I played on a traditional russian instrument – Jaleika. :) https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%96%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0%B9%D0%BA%D0%B0


What were some of your earliest musical influences and how did you break into the electronic scene?

My music production «career» began in school, I think it was in 2000 or earlier. I was a big fan of Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Music Instructor, Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, and I played a piano for 3 years and I breakdancing for 3-4 years, too. I think I discovered Fruity Loops (nowadays: FL Studio) and was trying to make something like they did! Of course, for me, it was just for fun in those days. Later, on AudioGalaxy’s website, I met Philipp König, from Germany, and we have found we love the same music, etc. We decided to make a track together and release it under the alias, “Ping Pong Ladies,” but later we named our project, a more seriously-sounding , “Blendbrank.”. One month later, we had a track, “Tentaculo,” which we signed to French record label, “Ledge Music.” That’s how I began…

In 2008, I made a track called “Lunatic” with a sample by “80`s Gazebo,” and I sent it to Pete Tong`s “Bedroom Bedlam” chart and it was voted 1st place. I thought: now it`s gonna be a breakthrough….but I was very very disappointed by the reality that nobody needs you until you are a popular brand. Then, we decided to make a pop-band, “Fontano,” here in Ekaterinburg, and we made it. We worked together, very successfully, for two years and then I left the band. It’s hard to communicate when there are two leaders in it and each other wants to do things their own way.


How did you make the transition from listener to producer? Did you have a mentor when you started out?

As I said before – I like Fatboy Slim music. I was wondering if I could copy his beats and arrangement in FL or not. I tried to make it for fun and I liked what I did :) Well, yes, I can proudly say, Philipp Konig, was my mentor and friend. He has a classical music education (in guitar) and his father one of the famous songwriters in Ukraine, who wrote songs for different big pop stars in the 80’s.


Do you enjoy DJing or producing more?

I enjoy both things, but I enjoy DJing/performing more because I want to hear my tracks on the dance floor and to reach the audience! I don’t want to produce songs just to collect on my table :)


What has been your most memorable moment at an EDM festival or event, where you were an attendee/guest and not a performing artist?

It was a Moonbeam performance at Tele-Club (Ekaterinburg), with all their vocalists + electronic drums, etc. I was influenced by their fans! They were singing all their tracks and gave their energy to the artists! I said, “Wow!!”

Moonbeam guys are from Russia, too. They are my good friends and their music is not getting airplay on radio or tv (it’s only internet and music labels). At that event I felt “wild” energy and had goosebumps (of course).


How did the collaborative concept, Dancekraft, with “Coolerandlong” get started? 

“Dancekraft” is a radio show. We met with Alex, 2-3 years ago, and decided to work together on a radio show project. We have already launched the Dancekraft Records music label. We are interested in his House and his brother’s Deep House/Nu Disco. We want to release soulful and melodic music, and not just “boom boom EDM-typical” stuff.

You can check our first label release here: www.soundcloud.com/DancekraftRecords


I read that you’ve been studying capoeira for several years. Do you feel that there is any correlation between this martial art and the style of your music?

Yes, before capoeira I breakdanced for 3-4 years. Now, I’ve been practicing capoeira for about 8-9 years. I like this martial art. I think there is a correlation between capoeira and my music, for sure, because I love the rhythm of the drums (rock drums, bongo drums, etc), and I love capoeira’s main big drum-instrument, “Atabaque.” I’m sure there are many rhythmical movements in capoeira, which I like, and my music IS dance music. That’s why the rhythm is so important there too :)


Tell me about your track “Come On, Come On” and the worldwide video project that is currently in production.

“Come On, Come On” is my new electro-oldskool-house track. I was wanting to create something different (something from the old skool era dance music) with an electro bassline, quacky sounds, dirty beats and low-pitched vocals = zombie house hahaha!!! The idea behind the worldwide video project is to reach 60 different people (dancers) from different 60 countries and to combine all their dancing to my track in one videoclip :) It takes a lot of time, but at the moment, I already have about ten videos from different countries (Russia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Morocco, USA, etc.). I think it’s going to be a good-looking video, so let’s see! :) If anybody wants to take part, you are welcome: http://www.artegoofficial.com/#!comeon-comeon/c1ddi


Do you believe that there are therapeutic applications of music?

Oh, yes, I do believe one hundred percent. I have tried it on myself when I caught the flu. Listen to good soulful, emotional music if you want to be in a good mood! ;)


What is your dream gig?

My dream gig is: my DJ-set, composed of mainly my tracks (like Eric Prydz’s “Epic”), vocalists performing live on different tracks, a drum player in the middle of the scene, a big LED screen behind me, and all that visual stuff you see at every big EDM festival ;)


Even though we live in a world, where the path from “A” to “B” is not always clear, I firmly believe that an individual’s dreams can not be subdued if one is prepared to create the bridge to reach them. At least in the U.S., certain elements of society would like us to embrace outdated social models, in hopes of realizing the “American Dream.” If the “nuclear family” concept has evolved with times and it finally makes sense to people that families don’t have (2.5) kids and a golden retriever. It makes sense to me that similar arch-types, denoting an “appropriate and fulfilling” pursuit of life, could, and can, exist elsewhere in the world. I think it’s extremely innovative that Artego is incorporating potential worldwide involvement to launch his “Come On, Come On” video project. I think this guy has the discipline and the creativity to bring some serious attention to the chapter in his artistic career.