Apr 30

“Heart, Soul, And Mau5Heads”




I know people that keep track of time by counting down to their next festival or event, myself included. I personally love the feeling of looking forward to a festival almost as much as the festival itself. Almost. There’s something about the festival atmosphere that is so freeing and liberating. The music, the lights, and of course the colorful outfits and costumes all play their part. I’d be willing the bet money that you’ve been to a festival before and seen someone wearing one of those iconic “heads” made infamous by the man known simply as DeadMau5. I’d even be willing to take it one step further and speculate that quite a few of them are the handiwork of one specific individual. I spoke with the unofficial “Mau5-Head Master Craftsman,” known on Instagram as Davstr85, about how his fascination began and how this phenomenon has grown and touched his life.


First off has to be…are you a DeadMau5 fan?

I am a huge Deadmau5 fan lol. He’s my favorite electronic music producer, and has a unique sound that’s all his own. And the show he puts on when he’s doing his tours is amazing. I drove twelve and a half hours to see him perform in Philadelphia last summer lol. It was the first time I’ve seen him live.


What inspired you to make the first Mau5 head?

Obviously as a fan and a proud member of the horde, I just had to make my own Mau5head lol. It was a plain red one like he used to wear. But having just one wasn’t enough lol! So I made started making more, and decided that I didn’t want my next ones to be like any I’d seen other people make online. I basically made up my mind that from here on out I would focus only on custom, one-of-kind Mau5heads. And that’s what I’ve been doing lol.




What have been some of your favorite designs to make so far?

I’ve made so many that I’ve lost count lol! And it would be really hard to pick a favorite. Every time I build a new one for someone it’s like saying good bye to a friend when I ship it off to its new home lol. I’m always looking forward to the next build. The fact that I don’t remake any past designs always keeps things fresh and that really makes building these fun. But my favorite thing about building these heads is seeing all the fun times and adventures my customers have raging in them at shows and festivals all over the country.


Any idea how many Mau5 Heads you have made?

There are so many that I started a rave family for us all. Teammau5 is made up of around nearly 70 members and counting from coast to coast across the United States and a couple heads in Canada as well. Each member of Teammau5 has his or her own original one of a kind mau5head to reflect just a little bit of who they are because let’s face it we’re all one of a kind ourselves. I couldn’t ask for a more fun and crazy group of people to call my rave family lol.


Is it hard to let go of some of these? Is there a Dave-only stash?

I must say there are a few designs that I’ve drawn up that I’ve been saving for my own personal collection lol. But I tend to giveaway my own personal heads most of the time. In fact I’m always giving away free heads! I had eight giveaways last year and I’m hoping to exceed that number this year, but we’ll have to wait and see.




How did you come up with the idea for the giveaways?

People ask me all the time why I do these giveaways and the answer is simple. Not everyone can afford to buy one and not everyone has the skill to build a quality mau5head. I first got the idea when my girlfriend Lea won a plur package. I think it was something really simple like some kandi bracelets, but the amount of joy and excitement she had blew my mind lol. I then started thinking about how happy someone would be to win a mau5head. I know I would be happy lol! So I did, and people really seemed to enjoy the contests. The rest is history.


Do you jam out when you’re building?

When I’m building I usually have the music going and that gets me in the zone. I’ll take breaks to wrestle with my dog Duke though.




How does he react to the heads?

He’s become quite familiar with the heads lol. At first he would give me these weird looks but now even if I run up to him all crazy wearing one it doesn’t even bother him. Lol! I’m sure he has accepted it as a normal part of life now.


How does it make you feel knowing that your creations are making the rounds on the festival circuit?

Here in Chicago the venues are really strict about wearing anything that covers your face, so the only time I ever get to wear mind out is to festivals. I really enjoy taking pictures with people and making new friends. I’ve met so many people through the EDM scene made tons of friends. There really isn’t anything like it. It’s great being surrounded by like minded people who want to dress up up dance around to their favorite music. A place where you can be free to express yourself… Festival season is definitely my favorite time of the year.


I feel honored that people want me to design and build Mau5heads for them, and I will continue to keep building as long as people enjoy what I make.


What started as a personal venture has grown from a hobby into a full-time mission to Mau5-up the world. It makes me really happy when someone is able to find something to do that they love. It’s even more rewarding when part of their motivation is simply to bring joy to others. You might not be able to see the smiles from underneath the Mau5heads, but, rest assured, they’re there.