Dec 22

“Don’t Run With Scissors But Dance With The Blade”



Justin Boreta, Ed Ma, and Joshua Mayer (aka Boreta, edIT, and Ooah, respectively) are three guys that got together with a mission to jam. Together, they are The Glitch Mob. This hyper-electric trio has a unique style and feel all of their own. Unless you centralized your focus on very specific elements of their collective, that might possible resonate a distant familiarity, it would border on disrespectful to try and compare them to another group. They are simply The Glitch Mob. We discussed what being part of this project means to each of them as well as the evolution of “The Blade,” the outer-worldly performance installation that has become a pivotal centerpiece for their “Love, Death, and Immortality” Tour.


Where did the name come from?

Justin: It’s funny because there’s not really much of a story. We, kind of, accidentally just started this band. Just a couple of friends that like to play music together and it started gaining momentum. Before we even intended it to..Timeframe? This was in 2007. So, yeah, about seven or eight years ago. We needed a name because we were getting booked for stuff. We had all of our own names and all these different affiliations. A friend of ours booked us for this little festival and he said we had to pick a name. It was funny because he pretty much just forced us to do it. We had a day. A friend of a friend of Josh’s just said it. When there’s a group of people and they just show up it’s a “mob.” It just rolled out. So let it be written, so let it be done. Not much thought behind it.


You all have your individual projects and there are only so many hours in the day. How do you balance them with The Glitch Mob?

Josh: Glitch Mob is our main thing. I mean we put everything, all of our personal projects, aside when it comes to TGM. Solo music, side projects, all of that kind of shit…this is our main focus. It’s pretty easy. We just know that when it’s Glitch Mob time, it’s Glitch Mob time.


That being said, this last album (Love, Death, Immortality) is kind of a manifestation of the next level of you guys individually and collectively. Where do you see this journey going as you continue to grow together?

Josh: Well, we kind of do everything together, as a unified force. There’s no situation where we choose to go do our own thing. We have this connection and this bond and not necessarily a common goal, but we’re all ready to achieve what’s next for us. It’s all pretty easy because we figure it out together. We’re all on the same page.


What are some of the favorite tour destinations that you guys have explored so far? 

In unison: RUSSIA!!! Russia was crazy.


So, what’s on the bucket list? Where would you imagine “The Blade” (Immediately Ed responds, “Tokyo”), which we’re about to talk about, being maximized for effect?

Ed: We’ve never played Japan. We’d like to just set it up on a street in downtown Tokyo. If they ever end of terraforming Mars…Science-fiction definitely applies for the bucket list. There was this video game company. They wanted us to play in this second life club.

All together: Space. Space would be cool.

Josh: Maybe Mexico, down on the pyramids. Tulum would be cool.


“The Blade..” What was the creation process like? I saw you guys at Buku in New Orleans and I was just fucking amazed. (Thanks, man.) It was like part rock opera and something out of Mad Max. Everybody there got annihilated by the vibe. I actually held off listening to the album for like a month because I wanted my first exposure to be the live performance and you guys fucking delivered. It was my LDI cherry-pop and it was awesome. The device design looked like something from Mordor was merged with sacred geometry.

Josh: The crowd and the room for Buku was awesome. We worked with a few construction crews. It was the combination of our vision and a few guys helped us put it together. Was it created to go along with the album or was is made post-production? 

Justin: It was created after the album. First and foremost, the music is always number one. Right when we finished the album and we were preparing to perform it live, we started working on the next incarnation of the live set, which turned out to be The Blade. It’s a true performance piece. As you guys move, there’s choreography and it becomes a dark ballet, of sorts.

Josh: That’s all taken under close consideration.

Justin: There’s definitely theatrics there. We’re big into imagination and feeling and “The Blade” was another way for us to light up the imagination. For us, it was part of the whole process. For the guys that actually built the actual Blade, they actually build, like, spaceships and sets for movies. They’re actual, real-deal, alien ship designers. So, we went to them. There’s an eject button on the consoles and we’ll just shoot up :) It was a long process but well worth it.

Ed: We’re really big on performing our own music so after touring “Drink The Sea” for so long…our music is best performed live instead of on a pair of CDJs. There was a lot of emphasis put on that. To us, it just feels better and it feels like that’s the way the music was meant to be shared. It’s gratifying for us to perform The Blade.


Given this cohesive nature that you guys exhibit and how grounded you all seem, are there any real-world issues that you feel deserve to be immediately addressed and do you have any solutions (science-fiction is welcomed here as well) to fix them?

Ed: For me, global warming, the water supply, pretty much the environment, in general. I think that’s really the biggest thing. People trip out over wars and conflicts but at the end of the day (Yeah you right because Earth is a one-of-one) Earth is a tough cookie and she’s going to be ok, but I think we need to change.

Josh: George Carlin said that, “the Earth is going to be fine but we are fucked.”


Their eyes are definitely on the prize and you can easily tell the experiences that they create are just as memorable for them because they truly love what they do.









You can catch The Glitch Mob, at Republic New Orleans, closing out 2014 with the bang that only these guys can deliver.

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