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Aug 11

“All Tigers Aren’t Too Rough To Play With”


    I was reflecting the other day on how many wonderful and talented people I’ve met since I’ve started documenting my experiences at events and festivals across the country. My mind wandered back to the very first festival I covered, Mountain Oasis, and  a conversation I had with two of the coolest people ever. …

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Jun 16

Choo-Choo To The Toolroom


    When an artist sits down in front of their gear and decides to make a track, initially they are doing it simply because they want to create something new and exciting. They find that baseline that will be the anchor for their new endeavor and press forward. Very rarely, in my mind, are …

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May 23

Independence Fest Breaks Ground This 4th of July Weekend


Independence Fest Camping Getaway, July 4-6, Kentwood, LA ($20/day or $30/Friday and Saturday), 18+, EDM, Campsite opens 3pm July 3rd. Gates open at 11am on Friday and Saturday.   Nestled snugly in the relatively undisturbed wilderness of Louisiana is an expansive tract of lush farmland. While Louisiana is not known for its topography, it …

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Apr 07

“Nothing But Beats And Smiles On Deck”


    The Groove Cruise, brought to you by the inspirational crew at Whet Travel, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, and they’re celebrating it in style. The ever-increasing success of The GC Miami expeditions, of year’s past, were safely translated into this new venture and location. Last year’s inaugural voyage out of Los Angeles was …

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Feb 07

“Cruising Into The Future Aboard The ‘E.D. SEA’”


  It’s happening. I did everything I was told to do. I shared every photo. I clicked on every link. I liked every status. I tagged my friends. I followed. I retweeted. I re-grammed like a pro. I checked my newsfeed with a passion. I refreshed my email every ten minutes. Then, I finally saw …

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