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“Bringing Smiles To Your Next Festival”


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Some people might be hard pressed to describe the effect their first festival had on them, while others might be able to articulate, at great length, the profundity of what they experienced. You’ve probably even seen a meme or two about wishing your life was a festival. If the festival atmosphere has an impact on your inner schematics you decide to join the community and adopt this lifestyle, what can you do to make the most of your future experiences. If you’re like Tucker Gumber you would try and find a way to turn your passion into a vocation. He is a true citizen of the earth, first and foremost, and has dedicated his time to pursuing a way to bring others into the experience, even if they can’t attend. Enter “The Festival Guy.”


What were your earliest musical influences?

My love of music started in high school with Weezer, Reel Big Fish, and a Colorado band called The Gamits.


What’s your fondest musical memory from growing up?

I drove four hours over the mountains in Colorado to see Weezer and The Gamits on my 16th birthday. I got my first taste of freedom and musical bliss all in one day.


What inspired “The Festival Guy?”

After attending my first festival in 2011, I went festival crazy. I made it to ten festivals that summer, and determined that there needed to be someone reviewing them from the fan’s point of view. I didn’t just want to be some guy so I checked if “www.TheFestivalGuy.com was available. It was and I’ve been reviewing festivals ever since.


What is the most rewarding part of being “The Festival Guy?” Most challenging part?

The most rewarding part is when people who follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram run into me at a festival and say that I inspire them to follow their dreams as well. The most challenging part is not having a home base. I spend April-November bouncing around the country reviewing festivals. As much as I love it, it does wear on me a little.


Please explain the “FestEvo” concept to me.

FestEvo is a company that works to solve festival problems that our community faces. Our first product is a mobile app that allows users to see which of their friends will be at each festival, as well as listen to every festival’s lineup. We believe that users will have more fun at their next festival by using Festevo’s technology beforehand to find a larger group of friends to go with, and to discover what music to see by listening to the lineup ahead of time.


How did you first get introduced to the electronic scene? How has the scene changed from when you were first introduced?

The music festivals that I attended were what introduced me to electronic music. Before experiencing it live I never really understood it. However, once I experienced the live shows I completely fell in love with electronic music. It’s been 3.5 years since then and the scene has come a long way. I am happy to say that the crowds are much more under control, as most people have learned how to festival by now.


How did you become affiliated with the Electronic Music Alliance (EMA)? What potential did you originally see in the EMA?

I discovered the EMA at the first ever EDMbiz conference in 2011. I was drawn to their vision of uniting the community for the betterment of our world. They had big ideas and I was excited to contribute in any way possible.


As you’ve seen the organization grow, how has your view on the EMA’s potential to incite change evolved?

As they have grown and continued to spread the word, I’ve gained more confidence in their ability to work with our community to create real change.


As you’ve seen the organization grow, how has your view on the EMA’s potential to incite change evolved?

As the EMA has grown it has shown that it can be a difference maker in our community and in our world. As more and more of our community learns of the EMA we can guide them in making choices that benefit our planet. The biggest potential is in letting everyone know that we all matter and the daily choices we make really matter. The EMA can be real voice in encouraging people to make smart decisions regarding recycling, water use, and how to properly dispose of electrical products. Once we are all making proper decisions then the EMA can rally everyone to take steps in helping the rest of the world do the same.


How different to do you think the world would be if the entire electronic community signed the EMA’s “Party Pledge?”

I think the Party Pledge is a solid step in helping our community realize that we are all in this together and we need to be safe. If everyone signed the Party Pledge it would show that our entire community realizes that making informed decisions is important, and it would help us continue to grow as a community.


What is your take on the potential therapeutic and healing properties of music (not just EDM)?

I believe that music can change you the same way a good book or mentor can. When you listen to music that touches your heart, it makes you feel new emotions that can inspire you to think in different ways and dream bigger than you ever did before.


What are a few charities whose causes you hold in high regard?

I think Dance Safe’s mission to get festival attendees the information they need to make informed decisions is important. I also have big plans to work with the EMA this summer to highlight non-profits of all kinds. More information on that is coming after festival season.


Please list three global issues that you believe deserve immediate attention and your potential solutions for addressing them.

I think our biggest problems are the fact that there are people in this world that do not have access to healthy amounts of food, clean water, and a real education. We can fix this by re-disputing the wealth more evenly from top to bottom. It’s going to take time to create this, change but we can do it if we create the right programs. I think the EMA’s role is to guide the our community into becoming positive members of society that make decisions with the future of our planet in mind. For each person that decides to be responsible with resource consumption (water/energy) and proactive about recycling then the future of our planet gets a little brighter. The exciting thing about the EDM community is that there are literally millions of us. If we all live our lives with the intention of bettering our planet then we will be creating real change world wide.


Tucker is a gentleman who wholeheartedly embraces the community that welcomed him with open arms. He believes in the ideals of the EMA and has faith that humanity can be reeducated on how to pursue a more ecologically sound approach to life. Our choices matter and our voice echoes into infinity. With the music as a unifying force, only time will tell what trends in behavior will emerge as more people choose to put an eco-emphasis on their interactions with the Earth and exercise more compassion and empathy with others. Rest assured, this journey is going to have a great soundtrack.


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