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Nov 10

Warm Vibes and Winter Wonderlands


    Humanity has recognized the power of “the gathering” since the first nomadic tribes. The primary reasons for gatherings, on both tribal and “civilized” levels, have ranged from celebrating a bountiful harvest to honoring newly established diplomatic relationships, but, above all, they have been often used to simply promote the welfare of the members …

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Nov 09

Dress Yourself In A Dream


    There is one element of the electronic music scene that easily stands out as a vehicle for self-expression and that’s the attire. A quick visual scan at any EDM-centric festival or gathering will, undoubtedly, yield a wide-ranging spectrum of readily identifiable articles of clothing. Some have become so prominent, achieving an almost-iconic status, …

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Oct 31

Exploring Your Ultimate Place of Knowing


      We, as individuals, are faced with a perpetually infinite number of decisions to make in our lifetimes. These choices manifest, metaphorically and sometimes literally, as forks in the road. The degree to which, the dichotomy between subjective and objective realities, is utilized, is integral in determining how equipped an individual is in …

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Oct 22

A Crystalline Exploration of ‘The Illicit Aesthetic’


    “Perspective” is such a fascinating concept, especially when applied to art, in its many forms. It can delineate the gray area between “an inspired work” and an “eyesore.” The complex interaction between the artist’s cardinal intentions and the subjective interpretation, of the one experiencing the piece, yields a potentially diverse spectrum of subjective …

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Oct 22

“Kinetic Emotion”


    I’ve always been an avid proponent for capitalizing on the combined efficacy of the internet and various social media platforms to bring the “sounds of the future” to the listeners of today. This method for bringing the your work to the global audio/visual community seems to be the most logical approach for those …

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