Jul 04

“An Electric Mystic With Eyes On The Future”




When I heard this guy’s story that fused mystic roots with an electric baseline I immediately had a picture in my mind. I envisioned him being born under a full moon on a cool desert night. Constellations lined up to foreshadow what would happen to this musical realm when his power was unleashed. Tribal instruments and folk dancing celebrate his arrival. I get the impression of a darker electro-based Stevie Ray Vaughn with appropriate dashes of Shpongle and Nadastrom. Enough of the cosmic dark and mysterious bit. I caught up with one of the hottest new talents to come out of Mexico, Ezekiel, and we had a discussion about how it all started coming together.


Where were you born?

Guadalajara, Mx, but I’ve been living in Monterrey since I was born.


What was the electronic scene like there as you were growing up? How has it changed as you’ve grown?

Jungle/ Drum n Bass was the thing here by 96/97 just like Hip Hop with the legendary band Control Machete. We had Goldie, LTJ Bukem and Aphrodite but I was super little at that time. Trance and House became the real things in the city but I didn’t get really involved into electronica until 2004. I loved Massive Attack, The Prodigy, Aphex Twin, and Pendulum, BSE, Andy C, etc. later on.


Your parents were both musicians. What instruments did you play growing up?

Yeah both are singers and musicians, I had my singing debut when 5 years old (`93) and started playing drums in the same year, later started with electric bass, and kept singing.


What influence do you think your folklore musical background has on your attitude towards music now?

To be eclectic and definitely the fact that I love all kinds of music, in different ways of course. Fusion and cross-overs with ethnic music for example, drive me crazy. That’s why I love tribal guarachero.


I read that Metal was your first hardcore musical passion. How did you journey into the electronic realm?

Sepultura, Carcass, and Pantera where big influences for me because of their passion and heaviness with music and sound. I think because of that, I’m down with heavy electronica, deep, dark and filled with emotions.


Did you have a mentor? What equipment did you have when you started?

Sebastian Padilla (a good friend and internationally renowned graphic designer “Anagrama´´) taught me about Metal when I was very little but I learned everything bout electronica by myself, MTV and Internet radio. I just had a PC and reason at the beginning.


Are there specific elements of mysticism and tribal culture that you try to incorporate into your music?

I love Chinese, Arab, and Greek cultures and spiritualism. I also do traditional Martial Arts so, I try to imprint what I´ve learned in my stuff, still it’s EDM so it’s weird haha. “Life begins at Night,” for example, is deeper than people imagine.


You’ve provided support for some very notable international acts. Was there one that was the most enjoyable to watch perform?

I LOVE Buraka Som Sistema!!!!. Limewax was SICK. Diplo is a monster, and Thieves Like Us and JD Samson were really nice to have met them in person as well.


If you could collaborate with any artist, throughout time, who would it be?



What was your reaction when Adidas chose “Tecnica VIP” for their World Cup 2014 ad?

I was impressed and at the same time satisfied, a very nice surprise.


Your first EP was “Life Begins At Night.” What was the driving force behind the theme for this album?

I wanted to create something new with the elements I love, and loved at the time. I tried to define something different, “Drop ur Ass” song style is my statement, Neuro Swag I said that time, not sure now bout the second word but, you know what I mean.


How do you feel your style evolved between that EP and the release of “The Twilight of the Dogs?”

“The Twilight of the Dogs” is between a whim and fantasy, something I felt I had to do. Shadowrun/ Skyfall & The Twilight are very intimate for me, and Mota & Gurrr Swag are more club oriented songs.


What’s your dream gig and what do you think you need to do to make that dream a reality?

Damn thats a good question, but I believe that playing with my favorite acts (after or before) and having my favorite vocalists and rappers featured on my show will make the difference. I gotta keep moving and innovate to capture their attention, I feel close.


My word to USA bass lovers:

I can’t wait to play and share with you guys in person, I want to unite the Bass scenes around the world and will love to tour America, give back a little of the lots I’ve learned from you. NY, LA, Houston music for example :)


Mad Luv…



He’s picking up momentum and notoriety with every headliner he supports, gaining knowledge and experience with every encounter. His instinctual groove is undeniable and it’s readily apparent that his craft is evolving. He has a hunger and a drive that’s paralleled only in the wild. It would be pure speculation on my part to try and determine what this gentleman’s rise through the ranks will be like, but rest assured it will be happening. A distinct harmony of sounds, merging centuries of culture with contemporary technology, that is capable of driving your heart rate up and directing your third eye skyward is not something to be taken lightly.



Twitter: Ezekiel